Bus Routes and Bus stop locations can be found using the link below.

CCSD Office of Transportation

Students are not allowed to enter the building before 7:35. Students will not be released for early dismissal after 2:35. Kaleidoscope will offer early drop-off, only if we have at least 10 students participating in the program. You must sign your student in each morning. 

Parents we request your patience the first few days or weeks of school as we adjust and get back into the car line routine. It may take a little longer, but after a few weeks it will be a smooth process. Thank you for working with us for the safety of your children. 


Students are expected to maintain appropriate behavior that does not interfere with the safe operation of the school bus.  Specific regulations regarding bus behavior are contained in the CCSD Student Code of Conduct.  Students who choose to act inappropriately on the bus may be suspended from riding the bus.  

Any student who needs to use a different bus or stop must bring a written request from the parent. This request must be approved in the office. No student will be allowed to ride a different bus without prior written approval. 

Bus riders arrive and leave through Dogwood Alley doors on Calhoun St. Please no parking in the bus loading zone during drop off and pick up.


Car Riders Enter and Exit Through the Anson St doors. Please no parking in the car loading zone during drop-off and pick-up. Parents/guardians should wait in their cars for their children. All cars should display Buist Academy placards with the students name and homeroom. Students not picked up by 3:25 will report to Kaleidoscope in the school cafeteria.


 Walker passes:  Students should carry a walker pass when walking from school alone or with a friend.  This helps us assure that parents and school are on the same page about safety and procedures for walking from school.  Parents that wish for their child to be walker after school must bring in or send in to the Main Office a letter giving permission for the student to walk home.  The letter is good for the entire school year unless it is stated differently in the letter.  If a parent chooses to send the letter in to the Main Office by a student, it will need to include a phone number in order for the school to contact the parent.  Once we verify the letter with the parent we will keep it on file and give the student a walker pass.


1.      Walkers must present the walker pass to a staff member, whenever they are asked to present their walker pass.

2.      If a student does not have their walker pass they will be sent to the main office to verify that we have a letter on file.

3.      If a letter is present the student will be allowed to walk, but if a letter is not present the student will not be allowed to walk.

Friends Walking Home:  We are aware that students may sometimes wish for a friend to also walk home with them.  

4.      Both sets of parents must write a letter in advance to give permission for the students to walk.   Please make sure you include phone numbers for both sets of parents.

5.      Both letters must be taken to the Main Office to the receptionist at the start of the school day.

6.      The receptionist will call both parents to verify.

7.      The assistant principal will grant permission following verification.

The friend will be given a temporary pass to walk that day.